Sunday, August 7, 2011

Please Update Your Links!
Never Get Out Of The Boat
is now...

We've Moved To Our Own Domain...

Recent events @ Blogger, including a number of takedowns at this blog (and at others) have pointed out how easy it is for one individual to create havoc. Chris Goes Rock has known this for a while. Now others are involved, too, especially Dave @ Radio Free Wohlman, who is currently on a mission from God, and Blank Frank @ And Your Bird Can Swing, who will be announcing a new forum soon. You can read numerous comments and updates at their blogs about this issue.

We had planned to make this move off Google last month, with our most recent incarnation of this blog, but got lazy. Our apologies to all the bloggers we've pestered to update their blogroll links... again. We'll, here's a new one. Since it's our own domain, it should be our last address. Many thanks to Dino @ D&P's (who just busted a move themselves), Sakalli & Blank Frank for the help & advice.

We're still ironing out the kinks and dealing with details (we lost some of our comments again, sorry) and we're still adding posts back in, but we're up and running and will begin posting regularly again this week.

Thanks for your patience. Please spread the word. Thanks.